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About us

Gireesh Chalakudy Photography

About Me

The wedding photography industry has changed dramatically. Many photographers and firms are interested in taking up weddings professionally, as they are focusing on wedding photography with news products. However, very few know about the ongoing trends in the wedding photography.
I’m Gireesh… Some among you know me as “Girish Chalakkudy”… I’ve started my career as a wedding photographer. Later I associated with Malayalam film industry. But I was there as an automation. Only my physical presence was there and my mind and thoughts was stuck up with my passion… Wedding Photography. After a lot of fights with my thoughts I surrender to my mind and back to the wedding industry as a freelance photographer. Now, I turned to form a firm based on Kochi, which is planning to work solely on “Wedding photography and videography”. Since name describes me in the industry, I prefer it as my firms' name too... "Girish Chalakkudy Photography"...

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  • Candid Photography

    Candid photography becoming popular nowadays as it focuses on spontaneity rather than technique and we have a team with the best candid photographers to capture the memorable moments in a catchy and natural way.

  • Wedding Photography

    Wedding photography is something that every couple must opt for. It may be the first smile you share or the stealing of glances. We capture everything that makes your day special at your best, to deliver photographs that live up to your expectations.

  • Wildlife Photography

    Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging subjects in photography, just taking a single good picture can require day's or even week's efforts.We have the best wildlife photographers in Kerala who has been expertise and specialize in this field.

  • Fashion Photography

    Fashion photography is an exceptionally interesting and challenging field as the fashion world is always changeable and does not stay the same for a long time. This is the reason why we are concentrated on fashion photography.

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